Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is the smart and easy way to give straight from your pay.

Make payday even better with Payroll Giving and know that each pay cheque is supporting vulnerable children in Uganda access education.

It's the most efficient way to give.

Payroll Giving donations are taken pre-tax, so you don't pay a penny of income tax on your gift. This means your donation goes even further. Learn about the tax break for payroll givers on the HMRC website.

Payroll Giving is only available for salaried PAYE employees.

Setting up Payroll Giving is quick and easy.

No bank details are needed, simply request the donation is set-up via your Payroll or HR team. You can cancel or change your gift anytime, putting you in control.

To be eligible to donate via Payroll Giving, your employer or personal pension provider must run a Payroll Giving scheme. Not sure if your employer has a scheme? Contact your payroll or HR team.

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Benefits for you

  • Tax effective - It's the only way to give that allows full tax relief on donations
  • Easy - Payroll Giving is quick, easy and ideal for busy people
  • Secure - Set up your donation without giving out any bank details

Benefits for employers

  • Recognition - Get noticed through the Payroll Giving Quality Mark scheme and National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards
  • Low effort, big reward - Virtually no set up and running costs and minimal admin
  • Employee engagement - Engage your employees by enabling them to support the causes they care about

Further information

How does the tax saving work?

On your payday, your chosen donation amount will be taken from your gross salary by your company’s payroll department. The donation is taken after National Insurance is deducted, but before tax. This means that your donation could cost up to 45% less through the tax break, dependent on your tax bracket.

For example, if you are a 20% rate tax payer and you want to donate £15 each payday to KiSS, the actual cost to you will be just £12.

KiSS will then receive your donation– there’s nothing else you need to do!

How will Payroll Giving appear on my payslip?

Payroll Giving deductions will appear in the same way as things like your pension contribution or student loan payments.

How do I change or cancel my Payroll Giving donation?

You can change or cancel your Payroll Giving donation at any time. Simply contact your payroll department to make the request.

What is the difference between Payroll Giving and Gift Aid?

Both Payroll Giving and Gift Aid offer a tax incentive. However, Gift Aid is capped at 25% and the charity must claim the donor’s tax back from HMRC. With Payroll Giving, the tax saving for higher rate tax payers is greater than Gift Aid. Also, charities receive donations that already include the tax relief, which saves on the administration time taken in claiming back Gift Aid.

What is a Payroll Giving Agency?

Payroll Giving Agencies (PGAs) facilitate Payroll Giving. They obtain the donations from your company and distribute them to KiSS, as well as any other charities. All PGAs are HMRC registered and have charitable status. Your employer will have a contract with one of them to enable Payroll Giving.

PGAs take a small processing fee from your donation, which is between 25p and 4%. Many companies choose to pay this on behalf of their employees.