The Agricultural Project


In the community of Kasambya, KiSS is addressing a local need for vocational education through the construction of the district’s first agricultural centre. This is key to our long-term vision of KiSS’s work.

In providing both the knowledge to improve the cultivation skills of the community as a whole and crucial employment opportunities for individuals to continue supporting the project, the site will be fully sustainable by 2020.

How does it work?

Take a peek at the video below...

Key facts

  • Started in 2017 the Agricultural Project now has four members of staff
  • The project includes arable farming crops such as maize, sweet potatoes, cassava and fruit trees
  • Animals on the farm so far include chickens, later this year we will open the piggery and next year we hope to launch a fish farm
  • The chickens laid their first eggs in May 2019!
  • The project has a solar light system which provides security in a sustainable fashion
  • A security guard has been employed creating a further job in the local community
  • A water pump has been installed which pumps 20,000 litres of water from the well it irrigate the fruit trees and and later this year we hope to install this into the crops as well.

What's next for the project?

  • We will continue to further develop the poultry project and this time next year we hope to be selling eggs
  • To begin the piggery project later this year
  • To continue to grow and learn more about farming and animals
  • To set up more crop demonstration gardens
  • To install the irrigation system into the crops
  • To train and educate as many KiSS community members as possible!

Want to support the agriculture project?

Why not fundraise for the new fish farm? Or donate a pig? Or do you have specialist farming knowledge you would like to share? Either way, please get in contact today, your support is crucial to the success of the project.