The Agriculture Project Update 2020


In October we had our Agriculture Project Takeover across our social media channels, updating our KiSS Community on what has been happening at the site and how it has been able to support many people since the Covid-19 outbreak. Check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to find out even more!

What is it?

As the district’s first agricultural centre, the project includes farming of Arable crops such as maize, sweet potatoes, cassava, fruit trees and coffee, and Livestock such as chickens, pigs, rabbits, goats and bees, operating over seven acres of land. The project currently employs four people and serves the community by providing demonstrations on arable best practices and sustainable farming, giving out plant clippings, piglets and chickens to the communities to help their own land and farms thrive.

KiSS’ Vision

The project is key to our long-term vision of supporting the KiSS communities in a more sustainable way. Children are still very much at the heart of the charity, thanks to your support we continue to directly support 150 children in their education however new initiatives such as the Agriculture Project and the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLAs) enable us to broaden that support to over 1,200 families in Hoima and Kasambya.

Crops & Livestock

Plant clippings are given to members of the community and Juliet, our Crop Husbandry Manager, helps create small home gardens, teaching others how to grow vegetables by reusing containers such as tyres as pots. Some Livestock is sold while others are given out to individuals to start up their own projects or to support their families. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been able to donate eggs and maize flour to children with HIV Aids who have found it difficult to take their medication due to lack of food, alongside giving livestock, beans, cassava, cabbages and maize flour to other families.

Big Boys & Girls

The “Big Boys & Girls” (as the KiSS Uganda team refers to them) have been involved with crop farming, and the KiSS staff share advice on prioritising and achieving life goals. One boy, Kitunzi Nasif, was struggling with his studies in school and requested to come to the project to learn how to farm chickens. He has completed his training and has been supported by KiSS to start his own project which has been very successful.

What’s Next?

We hope to introduce a Vocational Course to educate young people in how to farm both crops and livestock efficiently for year-round profits and food supply, where they can decide to specialise in one area. There’s a number of ways that you can support KiSS, such as Regular Giving, Payroll Giving, Sponsoring a Child, Direct Bank Transfer, and one-off donations, all of which are quick and easy to complete over on our website.